Vista Sands Solar Farm

Vista Sands Solar Farm, near the towns of Plover and Grant in Portage County, is a transformational solar development undergoing Wisconsin’s permitting process.Taking place over approximately 9,500 acres of private land, the project is approximately 1.3 gigawatt (GW) in size. It brings the ability to transform the area with new jobs, added tax revenues for local governments, and long-term environmental benefits for current and future generations.

Vista Sands Solar Farm is committed to growing opportunities in Portage County. The project will bring a total capital investment over $2 billion and create approximately 500 jobs during construction and about 50 permanent jobs, helping stimulate economic activity that benefits everyone.

For generations, our local farmer partners have cultivated their land and harnessed the power of the sun to produce potatoes and vegetables. Respecting that heritage, a group of local farmers has agreed to lease their land to Doral, the project leader, for 30 years. For the next generation, we’ll use the land to harvest the power of the sun to produce clean electricity – all while helping stimulate and grow the local economy.

At the end of the lease, the solar panels are removed, and the land is still owned by the local families. The next generations can decide the best future use for their land.

Creating Partnerships in Central Wisconsin

Vista Sands Solar Farm will result in millions of dollars of new tax revenue annually to Portage County and the Towns of Plover and Grant. Being a good neighbor isn’t just the right thing to do – it drives our mission and impacts our approach. 

Doral will negotiate development agreements with Portage County and the towns of Plover and Grant to guide the construction and operation of the solar farm. For rural communities with smaller populations, new tax revenues can make a big difference.  It’s an opportunity to make quality-of-life improvements that wouldn’t otherwise be possible without increasing taxes. 

Importantly, the payments to the local communities do not require any increased services or infrastructure investments, meaning all the benefits accrue to current residents. Solar projects like this are not going to be coming to every area forever. The Vista Sands Solar Farm is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the main streets of rural communities like Plover and Grant.