Testimonials About
Our Indiana Project

“Deciding to give up some prime farm ground was a very tough decision at first but eventually this became a no-brainer. Once we made the decision to lease for solar panels, the process was very quick and simple. Nick, with Doral Renewables LLC, kept us very informed at all times. We didn’t feel pressured to sign the lease agreement at all. We are looking forward to watching all the phases of the project.”

Thomas L Dunlap LLC

“It’s a bright spot in our future. The economic benefit for the County is really needed. The timing is perfect. We are glad to be a part of it.”

Jim and Sheila Buczek, Landowners

“It’s an incredibly electrifying day for the state of Indiana as we celebrate Doral Renewables’ significant investment in the future of energy generation and the state of Indiana. Knowing Indiana will continue to play a key role in the global energy sector while creating real change in our Hoosier communities is empowering. It’s encouraging to witness the power industry moving toward reliable, affordable and ever more clean renewable energy sources for generations of Hoosiers to come.”

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb

“I come from a multi-generation farming family beginning in Europe now a third generation here in the United States. The changes since our beginning have been dramatic. We have gone from being a consumer of energy to farm our fields to now farming solar fields to produce energy. In addition, I really like the concept of conserving the soil for future generations while still harvesting energy every day.”

N.W., Landowner

“With commodity pricing being so volatile, it’s nice to be able to rely on steady predictable income from the solar farm.”

Mark Kolish, Landowner

“We have to develop alternative energy. Solar is better for the environment. We are doing our part to help combat climate change.”

Swanson’s Farms

“The impact of the energy harvested from this truly 21st century energy solution will reach far beyond the 312 square miles of Starke County to businesses and residences throughout the country.”

Starke County Commissioner Mark Gourley