Our Commitment to You

We are committed to local partnerships and look forward to working with our new neighbors in Portage County to create growth in the community. Together, we’ll use the land in new, effective, and exciting ways with long-lasting benefits.

The positive impacts of a development like this are indisputable, with new financial resources and support for local governments. This project will fuel economic development in the region through local spending and hiring. The payments to local government will provide additional support to schools and vital community services.

The Doral team has strong respect for the important role local farmers play in their community. We share the values of integrity, hard work, family and community. We embrace our future role as an active community member. We pledge our efforts to be good partners, good neighbors. You can count on us. 

Making Solar Work for Central Wisconsin

Beyond the economic boost this project will provide to the region, the positive environmental impacts are clear: solar energy systems do not produce air pollution or greenhouse gas emissions. Portage County can play a meaningful role in reducing the reliance on more harmful sources of electricity.

The solar panels are safe for the land and proven to work year round in various weather conditions – which is important in a place like Wisconsin! Solar panels continue to function properly in the colder weather as the PV technology in panels leverages the cold to generate power. The sloped panels are positioned toward the sun, and the snow can actually increase the amount of sunlight absorbed by the panels. When the useful life of the Project is over, the panels and all above ground equipment will be removed so that the land can be returned to its original use, including farming.