Vista Sands Solar Farm

Creating opportunity and investing in central Wisconsin.

Vista Sands Solar Farm

Vista Sands Solar Farm, near the towns of Plover and Grant in Portage County, is a transformational solar development. Taking place over approximately 8,500 acres of private land, the project is nearly 1.2 gigawatt (GW) in size. It brings the ability to transform the area with new jobs, added tax revenues, and long-term environmental benefits for current and future generations.

Vista Sands Solar Farm is committed to growing opportunities in Portage County. The project will bring a total capital investment over $1 billion and create approximately creating 500 jobs during construction and about 50 permanent jobs, helping stimulate economic activity that benefits everyone.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to serving as partners and look forward to working with our new neighbors in Portage County to create a catalyst for growth. Together, we’ll use the land in new, effective, and exciting ways that will grow the communities and with long-lasting benefits.

The year-round positive impacts of a development like this are indisputable, with new financial resources and support for local governments. This project will fuel economic development in the region through project development and partnership with local companies. The increased tax base will provide additional support to schools and vital community services.

Our Promise to

Dear Landowners,

Our hard work is aligned with your interests because a successful project outcome means secured income for all of us. Your land may have been in your family for generations. We understand that committing it to a new future is serious, and has implications to your grandchildren that extend beyond the lucrative outcome. We raised our family on a Pennsylvania maple farm (a hobby) and share the connection to land. Our Principals can name every landowner (hundreds) of each project as we maintain the relationships we built.

Nick Cohen

President and Co-founder
Doral Renewables LLC

What People Are Saying About
Our Indiana Project

“With commodity pricing being so volatile, it’s nice to be able to rely on steady predictable income from the solar farm.”

Mark Kolish, Landowner

“It’s a bright spot in our future. The economic benefit for the County is really needed. The timing is perfect. We are glad to be a part of it.”

Jim and Sheila Buczek, Landowners

“We have to develop alternative energy. Solar is better for the environment. We are doing our part to help combat climate change.

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